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What to do in STOCKHOLM


What to do in STOCKHOLM

Are you soon arriving in Stockholm? Or just thinking about booking your tickets? You might read this before your next travel to Stockholm.

Here I give you some bits of advice on what to do there, places I think you HAVE TO go.


Also known as “The Capital of Scandinavia”, Stockholm is such a beautiful city, surrounded by nature. Everywhere you go there’s nature if it’s not water, then forest. You might not notice, but when you walk around Stockholm, you will be walking between different islands. In this city, everything feels good. Old and colorful buildings will be your daily company in this city. Personally, I think this kind of architecture gives to Europe its charm and beautifulness.

Of course, the best season to go is in summer. There you can enjoy it more and find more things to do. In winter is also nice to see the city covered by snow, but is not so nice to be outside walking for a long time when there is -10 degrees. Despite what I write here, I’m sure you will fall in love with Stockholm as much as I did.

What to do

Here I will tell you things you can do here. Choose the ones you like the most and enjoy Stockholm!!

To get to any of these places is very easy, the transportation system in this city is perfect, so you won’t have any problems. Well, to be honest, the central station, also known as “T – Centralen”, is so confusing you could get lost! But you can always ask someone what to do or where to go.

Public transportation is always on time, so you can get into and check the different schedules and combinations. I highly recommend you to use this website to move around the city, it will save your ass!

  • Gamla Stan: Stockholm’s city heart. This is the medieval old part of the city. In this island (yes, is an island) I recommend you to get lost between its small and narrow streets while seeing the old buildings around. Is also a good place to buy souvenirs and typical Swedish ornaments. Here also you will find cool bars and restaurants where you can have some kind of Viking experience. There’s one thing I can tell you: if you haven’t gone to Gamla Stan, you haven’t been in Stockholm.
Gamla Stan - Stockholm
Gamla Stan

  • Kungliga Slottet: located in Gamla Stan, this is Stockholm’s Real Palace. You can get some tickets to go inside, is beautiful. In the summer season, outside this palace at 12 pm, you can see the guard’s change. Is a pretty show with horses and music. Be sure to be there at 11:45 am so you can stand on the first line to appreciate it and not miss any details.
  • H.M. The King’s Royal Stable: here you will make a small tour where you will learn how the horses are prepared to work for the Royal Family, you will also go into the stables and get to pet the horses if you are not scared! Take pictures of the Royal Carriages! (those are the ones they use for their official – royal events). To do this, check the schedules, they have tours in Swedish and English around 2 pm. Is a very nice experience.
  • Vasa Museum: pride of the Swedes. I don’t want to spoil you on what you will see, but I can tell you is something amazing full of history, you won’t believe your eyes or ears. This is one of the places you can’t miss on your stay in Stockholm, trust me.
Vasa Museum
Vasa Museum
  • Skansen: this is some kind of open museum where you will see real, old and antique houses that have been brought from all Sweden so you can learn how was life back then. Here you will also find a small zoo which I truly loved because I could see Nordic animals!!! For me this was the best part of Skansen because I come from somewhere in the world where we do not have those animals, so I was very excited about it.
  • Stadshuset: also is known as the City Hall. Go to the top of the tower and you can have amazing panoramic views of the city, the island where this place is located is called Kungsholmen. Inside of one of its salons, they have the Nobel Prize dinner once a year, so I think is interesting to visit this place and imagine being on the ceremony.
Stadshuset - Stockholm
  • Drottningholm Slott: the Swedish Versailles. The gardens here are so beautiful, and the best part is that is for free! You can walk around without any tickets needed. Next, to these gardens, there’s a park where you can have a picnic if you want, or you can just lay on the ground and relax. You can also go inside the castle; a ticket is needed but is worth it. You can get to this castle by metro and bus or by ship, is up to you!
  • Ocean bus: this is a really cool experience you shouldn’t miss. You will take a bus that will be driving for some streets, and then the bus will get into the water like it was a boat, is crazy! This is something I haven’t seen in other places
Oceanbus - Stockholm

*Important details*

These are the places you have to go to when in Stockholm. One important thing you should know is that Stockholmers are very nice and friendly people, so don’t get nervous if they start to talk to you in the line, bar, restaurant. And all of them speak English, so is not necessary to speak “Svensk “.

In addition, you can take some boat tours, the ones I recommend you are “The bridges tour” and “The archipelago tour”. You will see different parts of Stockholm that aren’t in any “what to do in Stockholm” lists.

 Boat tours
Boat tours

The last thing I have to say, in Sweden they use the Swedish crown, they don’t accept any other currency, so you might change money at the exchange places. And in some places they don’t accept cash, so be prepared.


Swedish flag


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