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Peruvian Paso Horse


Peruvian Paso Horse

Have you ever seen a horse dancing?

Nope? Ok, let me introduce you to Caballo de Paso Peruano. Yes, it’s Peruvian, and yes they can dance. Maybe you’re thinking: yeah sure a horse who dances… how’s that possible? Well, to be honest, I’m not so sure either. I just know there’s a lot of training behind those amazing shows.

First, you should know that these horses are not any horses. They are special ones, why do I say that? You should see how do they walk, they are so amazingly elegant, they walk in a vain, fancy way like saying hey, I’m here! Look at me! I’m beautiful! I’m not kidding, they really do.

Most of the time, these horses are trained to dance. I’m sure it’s not easy, I mean they are horses and we all know horses can be stubborn sometimes, but train them to dance? with music? and a choreography? all of my respects to the trainers! I would be scared to train horses, I know they are one of the most nervous animals in the world, and I have a not so funny story with them.

They are usually trained to dance Marinera, a typical Peruvian dance from the north coast of Perú, and this really is a beautiful kind of music. I definitely recommend you to listen to it. Each typical Peruvian music has its own choreography and a reason or story behind it. Marinera is about a man who flirts with a woman, like when you want your crush to fall in love with you. Now imagine that with a horse! What? Flirting with a horse? Well, not so literally. There’s a man called “chalán” who rides the horse and makes them dance. Remember I told you they walk in a special way? well, that helps a lot in the way they dance, and it makes the show magical. The woman doesn’t ride a horse, she dances on the floor, so imagine how difficult and maybe scary it would be to dance in front of a huge animal.

I know this is hard work, the horse has to be trained to dance, and also trained to dance with a person!

I have seen this show live and trust me, it is AMAZING!!! You see the elegance of that animal dancing and it feels like the horse really enjoys it,  it really is a magical show, that makes you feel like woah! How is that possible? Is this really happening?! I also have seen this dance between a normal couple (man and woman) and to be honest it is really beautiful, but with a horse, it’s a different story, is a different emotion, it has another flavor.


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